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MICROPLEX offers a wide-ranging product line of continuous form printers for industrial and office applications. that is responsive to constantly changing customer needs. In both industrial and service-oriented sectors, MICROPLEX printers and related products are currently at work building efficiency and exceeding expectations.

  • Solid F44
  • Solid F60HD
  • Solid F90HD
  • TC8

Microplex Continuous Form Laser Printers

Available Product Series

Up to 60 PPM Continuous Form Laser
Up to 16" Form Widths & 14.6" Print Width

The MICROPLEX SOLID F60HD This continuous form laser features Flash Fusion technology, Up to 600X600 DPI high definition printing and Print speeds up to 60 PPM. The MICROPLEX SOLID F60HD is ideal for the batch production of pressure sensitive labels, tags, high-tack adhesives and many more specialty media types.

Available Product Series

Up to 90 PPM, 2-Up, Continuous Form Laser
Up to 18" Form Widths & 17" Print Width

The MICROPLEX SOLID F90HD offers a rare combination of Technology that results in a truly versatile, mid-range production, wideformat, continuous form laser printer, at a fraction of the cost of any competitive product! The 17" print width allows for full 2-up Letter output for fast and efficient production print.

Available Product Series

Microplex GHS-Compliant Label Printers

Microplex LogiJET Series Two Color Thermal Label Printers, when matched with qualified pressure sensitive label stock and ribbons, produce labels that meets all NEW GHS and BS5609 Standards for hazardous chemicals.

Available Product Series

  • Microplex LogiJet TC8

    The MICROPLEX LOGIJET TC8 is a Two-Color, 8" wide, Twin Print engine design, Thermal Transfer Printer; developed to meet the new world-wide GHS Standards for Hazard Warning Drum Labels!

  • Microplex LogiJet TC4 & TC6

    The logiJET TC4 (4" Width) and logiJET TC6 (6" Width) are Dual Print Head Thermal Transfer Printers capable of printing two-color labels simultaneously. The LogiJET TC4 and LogiJEt TC6 Thermal Transfer Printers can produce fully qualified GHS and BS5609 compliant two-color Chemical Labels when matched with certified TT Ribbons and Labels.

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