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Printronix LLC P8000 Series Printer - <br><br>Printronix P8000 Series Printers.

Printronix P8000 Series Printers.

Printronix LLC P8000 Series

Line Matrix Printers

Printronix created the P8000 Cartridge Printers so companies will have an easy upgrade path from legacy Printronix P5000 line matrix printers. They are an ideal solution for price-sensitive buyers who must choose an industrial printing technology that delivers reliability despite operating in harsh or dusty environments and constrained spaces. Printronix P8000 Series Printers provides the broadest flexibility, greatest compatibility and lowest ownership cost of any line matrix printer available. They are ideal for manufacturing, distribution and logistics, government, banking and automotive companies that need to print invoices, product shipment and transportation documentation, bank statements and product compliance labels.

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Printronix LLC P8000 Series

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Series Specifications (PDF)

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Mfg Model Description Part #
Printronix LLC P8P05 (Other Than New) 500 LPM, Open Pedestal w/Low Rear Paper Tray, 62 dBA: P8P05-1111-7001
Printronix LLC P8P05 500 LPM, Open Pedestal w/Low Rear Paper Tray, 62 dBA: P8P05-1111-0
Printronix LLC P8C05 500 LPM, Enclosed Cabinet, 50 dBA: P8C05-1111-0
Printronix LLC P8Z05 500 LPM, Zero Tear Pedestal, 70 dBA: P8Z05-1111-0
Printronix LLC P8P10 1000 LPM, Open Pedestal w/Low Rear Paper Tray, 65 dBA: P8P10-1111-0
Printronix LLC P8C10 1000 LPM, Enclosed Cabinet, 50 dBA: P8C10-1111-0
Printronix LLC P8Z10 1000 LPM, Zero Tear Pedestal, 70 dBA: P8Z10-1111-0
Printronix LLC P8C15 1500 LPM, Enclosed Cabinet, 52 dBA: P8C15-1111-0
Printronix LLC P8C20 2000 LPM, Enclosed Cabinet, 55 dBA: P8C20-1111-0

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