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Printronix LLC OpenPrint™ P8000HD Series Printer -

Printronix P8000 Series Line Matrix Printers

OpenPrint™ P8000HD Series

P8000HD OpenPrint™ Series high definition line impact printers are compatible with today’s modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) environments including Oracle®, SAP®, Linux® and Windows®. They combine the flexibility and enhanced graphic performance offered by PostScript and PDF printing, plus the low operating cost and unmatched reliability of line matrix technology.

  • ORACLE®, SAP®, LINUX®, and WINDOWS® Compatibility
  • PDF & PostScript Printing with unmatched dependability
  • High-quality text and fonts without the need for custom coding or complex print drivers
  • Consumables that are up to six times less expensive than laser printers

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Printronix LLC OpenPrint™ P8000HD Series

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Series Specifications (PDF)

Available Model(s)

Mfg Model Description Part #
Printronix LLC P8000HD Open Print (PDF & Posctript Printing), Open Pedestal w/Low Paper Tray, 62 dBA, Ethernet, USB & Serial I/O's. P8PPH-0111-0
Printronix LLC P8000HDZT Open Print (PDF & Posctript Printing), Zero Tear Pedestal, 70 dBA, Ethernet, USB & Serial I/O's. P8ZPH-0111-0
Printronix LLC P8200HD Open Print (PDF & Posctript Printing), Cabinet, 52 dBA, Ethernet, USB & Serial I/O's. P8CPH-0111-0

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